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A place to find the tips, tricks and knowledge to get the most out of your peer coaching conversation
- before, during and beyond the ERx Jan'21

The Essentials


These documents were part of your event email. 

A more detailed description of the
Keep Right concept

KEEP RIGHT Conversations

An explanation of how the concept of Thinking Hats work in conversations

Thinking Hats Conversations

Adopting A Coaching Mindset

Keep Right is a mindset to have better conversations. Watch this small video how Keep Right propels your conversations.

Peer Coaching Approach And Process

Using “Thinking Hats” for problem solving and decision making is a simple and effective method that helps you to be more productive, focused and intentional in your conversations. 

The Do’s and Don’ts of Peer Coaching

A small reminder on how to run effective coaching-like conversations.

A recorded Peer Coaching session to demonstrate how to practice the Thinking Hat Process in real life.
This video is 10 minutes long.

The perspectives you should choose when wearing a “thinking hat” combined with sample questions you could ask.

Thinking Hats Tip Sheets

Additional Resources

The process we are following in the peer coaching rounds. A brief overview of how to run your breakout sessions.

Peer Coaching Process

A short overview of The Keep Right Approach To Conversation