Mobilising an organisation to adapt its behaviours in order to thrive in new business environments is critical.

Training coaches to develop leaders, and leaders to develop their people

The days of classic top-down leadership are over. Those in leadership positions in the digital age act as coaches and initiators and create the direction, alignment and commitment to successfully lead companies and organisations into the future.


Our ‘Coaching for Leadership’ programme gives coaches the skills and training hours to become an accredited coach, and leaders the methodologies and tools to realise the organisation’s full potential.


And you can achieve your development goals without costly climate-damaging travel and loss of time – thanks to the unique combination of Social Learning Platforms, Learning Partnerships and Video Conferences.

Your Benefits

Flexible learning “on the job“: Through staggered learning, the contents are immediately applicable for you. You learn and practice the contents in small portions and are supervised by our trainers via our social learning platform.


Accomplish your goals without climate-damaging travel and without additional loss of time and travel costs - thanks to the unique combination of social learning platforms, learning partnerships and video conferences.

Customer opinions

I thoroughly enjoyed the whole course experience. Our facilitators were great teachers with humour and vast knowledge of their profession.


Our Leadership Catalysts

Some of our Leadership Catalysts in action in Dubai, July 2019.



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