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Mobilising an organization to adapt its behaviours in order to thrive in new business environments is critical.

Helping organizations and individuals thrive in a constantly changing environment

The days of classic top-down leadership are over. Those in leadership positions in the digital age act as coaches and initiators and create the direction, alignment and commitment to successfully lead companies and organizations into the future.


Our ‘Organizational Coaching’ programme gives individuals the skills and training hours to become an accredited coach, and leaders the methodologies and tools to realise the organization’s full potential.


And you can achieve your development goals alongside your current role – thanks to the combination of social learning platforms, learning partnerships and video conferences.

Module 02 | BreakThrough Cycle

This Module builds on the learning from Module 1 to enable you to create and manage a series of formal coaching sessions. As part of this you will deepen your knowledge and awareness of professional coaching competencies. 


This includes everything from co-creating the coaching relationship, the successful definition of goals using our “5 Steps To BreakThrough“ approach, communicating effectively, and enabling learning and growth.  


The BreakThrough Cycle will provide you with the means to systematically develop and support coachees and employees.

Module 04 | Coaching Ethical Dilemmas

Module 01 | “Keep Right“ Conversations

Our focus in the first module is on how to bring a coaching style to everyday workplace conversations.  We recognise that such conversations may start off as coaching but may well then move into instruction or mentoring once we know the needs of the individual with whom we are having the conversation.  


We explore how to create a ‘psychologically safe’ space to fast track to breakthrough.  We provide a proven framework for structuring such conversations, and challenging others to broaden their perspective and thinking.   


You will practice the listening, questioning, clarifying and summarising techniques to make this happen, and have the opportunity to explore scenarios where such conversations may be beneficial.  

Module 03 | Leadership Coaching

Leadership is not “one size fits all“. Leadership is situational. This module gives you the skills, tools and confidence to coach leaders to meet leadership opportunities focusing in the areas of self-management, team leadership and corporate leadership. We explore a wide range of coaching theories and methodologies.


Many of those who join our programme to gain coaching skills happen also to hold leadership roles. They discover the content also strengthens their impact as leaders. 


You will learn how to avoid coaching in a vacuum by incorporating objective data from 360s or personality assessments; also how to ensure effective contracting with the sponsors of the coaching, as well as the coachee. 

Leadership, particularly in large, global business, can involve confronting and dealing with ethical challenges, such as conflicting personal and organizational goals, questionable use of technology, discrimination, toxic workplace culture, to name a few.  


We go beyond professional coaching ethics to explore and develop the skills and confidence to help leaders determine how best to work through an ethical dilemma using a structured approach.


The Module also equips you, as a coach, with the understanding, confidence and tools to work through any ethical dilemmas within the coaching relationship, either with the coachee, or the sponsoring organisation. 

Your Benefits

Flexible learning “on the job“: Through staggered learning, the contents are immediately applicable for you. You learn and practice the contents in small portions and are supervised by our trainers via our social learning platform.


Accomplish your goals without climate-damaging travel and without additional loss of time and travel costs – thanks to the combination of social learning platforms, learning partnerships and video conferences.


We know that time is precious. In order to provide the greatest possible flexibility, our “Organizational Coaching“ programme is available as a flexible e-learning programme - whenever and wherever your people want. 


Learning takes place primarily through imitation. That’s why all our trainers have entrepreneurial and leadership experience. They know what they’re talking about and have answers to participants’ questions and concerns.


They help you to make your coaching really work in your day-to-day business.


Quality is important for us and for you. That’s why we have the two highest quality seals for you: The European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) and the International Coaching Federation (ICF).


For you this also means that you have accredited your coaching qualities.

Customer opinions

I thoroughly enjoyed the whole course experience. Our facilitators were great teachers with humour and vast knowledge of their profession.


Our Leadership Catalysts

Some of our Leadership Catalysts in action in Dubai, July 2019.



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