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Your requirements are specific – as our solutions are.

Leadership starts at eye level.

Over the years, we have collected a gigantic treasure of workshops, methods and programs. And yet we know: Your requirements are specific – as our solutions are.

We call this Co-Creation: We ask questions, try to understand and give new food for thought. You have requests,  requirements, doubts, questions and clear ideas. Together we will create a solution that is specifically tailored to you: relevant to your target group, modular and flexible in the implementation, convincing and measurably effective.


The developed concepts are like container modules that we assemble in a way that best meets your needs. This provides you with: speed, modularity and connectivity. 


We challenge, but we also want to be challenged. Together we can create a genuine partnership.

Selected modules of the QFIVE Leadership Academy​

S.P.I.C.Y. Workplace

What a dream: An environment where people thrive. Driven and engaged by its purpose. A place where hours do not count and the experience in the team is most important.


Programme Components:


  • Define the S.P.I.C.Y. project and win allies

  • The joint team vision

  • Agile working methods

  • BreakThrough Conversations 

  • Stakeholder Management

Your personal S.P.I.C.Y. project is center stage: Make a difference through your project and the way how you lead your stakeholders and teams towards success. Learn the skills you need on the go instead of in the class-room


Note: All frameworks can be adjusted to your individual needs and preferences.


Make your team fit for future and learn how to apply agile methodologies in daily life. Agility is way more then simply having a SCRUM-master.


Programme Components:


  • Design Thinking

  • Lean Business Canvas

  • Retrospektives and After Action Reviews

  • Working in Sprints

  • Working conditions for Agility


Speed-up without getting more hectic or stressed – learn to experience porpusefully used agile methods. 


Note: This programme is often combined with simulations like Lego-Serious-Play®. 

BreakThrough Conversations

All you need for better dialogues, better feedback and better engagement. 


Programme Components:


  • Logic and emotions of argumentation

  • The mix of asking, telling, advicing & challenging

  • The Keep-Right Mindset of a coach 

  • Effective goal-setting and effective feedback

  • Following-up on actions


With the BreakThrough Conversations series you gain back time while boosting employee engagement, accountability and motivation.

Start with Yourself

Your path to a better life – through focus, purpose and resilience. A holistic concept for 95% of your success based on five critical Quotients.


Programme Components:


  • The Power of Alignment (Alignment Quotient)

  • Becoming present (Mind Quotient)

  • Boosting your Vitality (Vitality Quotient)

  • Handling Emotions (Emotion Quotient)

  • Get Things Done (EXecution Quotient)

Develop your personal plan for a stress-free path towards realizing your professional and personal goals.


Note: This programme enhances its effectiveness with the use of biometric measurement to identify and manage personal stressors and develop personal recovery strategies.

The Extraordinary Leader

Successful leaders are characterized by the existence of profound strengths and not by the absence of weaknesses. 


Programme Objectives:


  • The lever of Profound Strengths

  • Identification of own Strengths (via 360° Assessment)

  • Benchmarking against the global 90st percentile

  • The mix of passion, strengths, needs 

  • The personal development plan 


Boost visible and tangible leadership effectiveness and gain full insight how others perceive you and how you can further leverage your strengths and talents!


Note: The programme is often booked in combination with outdoor-/ experiential elements.

Leading to the Top

Enabling teams to succeed – and leading them to high performance and high engagement. 


Programme Components:


  • Team Purpose 

  • The Big Five of credible Leaders

  • Team Performance & Change

  • Experiential: Leadership in Practice

  • Coaching- and Feedback Conversations


A programme where the experience of leading teams is center stage – through outdoor modules and/ or our proven indoor Mt. Everest experience.


Guided reading is history: There is no boring content – there are fascinating speakers and presenters.


Programme Components:


  • Impact language – presenting with the right “punch”

  • The tricks of blockbusters: Slow-Motion, Storylining, Dramaturgy

  • Voice of tone, body language and interacting with your audience

  • Presenting numbers with impact

  • Flipchart-techniques and synchronization of voice and graphics


Fascinate, engage and win your audience for your ideas and win them for you and your content - over the many distractions your audience might want to follow. 

Being Quick on Repartee

Never speachless again. 


Programme Components:


  • The grammar of being quick on repartee

  • Leveraging tonality and body language

  • Answering attacks with confidence

  • Cooperative vs. offensive handling of pushbacks

  • Socratic dialogues


Gain self-confidence through mastering the art of handling difficult situations, pushbacks and verbal attacks. 

The Consulting Advantage

Mastering complexity with the toolset of a management consultant: Quick, precise and hypothesis-driven cutting through complex problems and presenting solutions meaningfully. 


Programme Components:


  • Hypothesis driven approach

  • Interview techniques

  • Problem description and problem Synthesis 

  • Argumentation and deck structuring

  • Writing to the point


Analyze multidimensional problems quickly and synthesize the right problem solving strategy. 

The Leadership BootCamp

Leadership in practice – develop your own personal leadership style.


Programme Components:


  • Value based Leadership

  • Leading under Pressure

  • Managing (own and others‘) emotions

  • Coaching conversations

  • Self reflection & action planning

Increase your leverage as leader by shaping your own values and walk the talk in front of your stakeholders. 


Note: The programme is based on outdoor training and/or simulations driving learners towards the edge of their comfort zone in order to gain 360° Feedback. 

Consultative Selling

Understand your client, help your client – and you will succeed.


Programme Components:


  • Balancing Inquiry with Advocacy

  • Evidence based questioning

  • Talking about budgets & resources

  • Handling yellow lights

  • Leading towards the solution

Become the Trusted Advisory your client is looking for and experience the power of better meetings that boost your relationship with the client to the next level. 


Note: Participants bring their own case study to practice the new skills and frameworks. As add-on we can simulate conversations of the entire sales-funnel with C-level people. 

Negotiate and Claim Value

Negotiating is primarily about navigating the difficult terrain of emotions – develop your strategy for it.


Programme Components:


  • Keeping the dialogue open

  • The Critical Factor: Time

  • Start with a „No“

  • Reciprocity

  • Win-win instead of lose-lose


Gain confidence and leverage the know-how of hostage negotiators to exchange value instead of reducing your price. 


Note: Participants bring their own case study to practice the new skills and frameworks.

Moments that Matter

With a proven plan and some discipline you can develop your clients for life.


Programme Components:


  • The 7 Moments that Matter

  • Redirecting your time and energy

  • Best Practice Customer Lifecycle Management

  • The Voice of your Customer

  • Authenticity and Intent


Bring the level of your client relationship to he next level and position yourself as the person who really cares about their issues and their success. 

Make Things Happen

Boosting your impact by becoming more influential and persuade emotionally and with logic.


Programme Components:


  • Your Brain under Stress

  • Adjust Your Pace

  • Interpretation of Intent

  • Logic, Tonality, Rhetoric

  • Getting Others to Yes


Learn the techniques of winning and convincing others by tapping into the non-rational part of their brain.


Discover and unleash leader within yourself and overcome the assumptions holding you back.

Programme Components:

  • Comprehensive bio-data-reporting

  • Leading under Stress

  • Persuasion & Passion

  • Mindfulness

  • Overcoming your Immunity to Change

Become aware what holds you back and decide on the vital few things to tackle in order to become a great team player and leader.

NOTE: The programme is followed by 8-12 coaching modules helping leaders to implement their desired changes.

Organizational Coaching

The coach training programme for the digital age – become a professional organizational coach and/or add essential and impactful skills to your personal leadership repertoire on this ICF/EMCC accredited programme.

Programme Components:

  • The systemic context for organizational coaching 

  • Practical techniques for everyday coaching in the workplace 

  • Creating and managing a series of formal coaching sessions 

  • Developing a comprehensive leadership coaching toolkit 

  • Meeting ethical dilemma challenges

Develop your career and/or enhance your personal leadership and coaching skillset alongside your current role. The programme is a powerful combination of video calls, social learning and learning partnerships within a committed and supportive professional network drawn from a wide range of countries and organizations.


Our Leadership Catalysts

Some of our Leadership Catalysts in action in Dubai, July 2019.



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