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The path to success and a better life.

Taking the lead with resilience

The times when good preparation consists of slides and an agenda are coming to an end. In order to maintain mentally stable and resilient, often 80% is not enough. 


What you need is resilience and a personal strategy on how to improve your performance at times of high pressure – professionally as well as privately. 


Our “Start with Yourself” programme helps you to achieve lasting top performance, a higher stress tolerance and higher satisfaction. We follow a holistic approach that is based on five core factors in addition to your IQ.

02 | Emotion (EQ)

We are emotional beings. Learn to recognise emotions and how to deal effectively with emotional stress. 

04 | Execution (XQ)

Said and done: Focus on the really important things. Learn methods for shielding off the irrelevant. Establish a system that will really keep you on track.

01 | Vitality (VQ)

Become resistant and get the energy you need for your life. Learn professional tricks about recovery, sleep, nutrition and exercise - without having to become a fitness champion.

03 | Alignment (AQ)

Create clarity for yourself: Who are you and who do you want to be? You will notice how transformative the experience will be if you are the person you want to be instead of living in “internal conflicts“.

05 | Mind (MQ)

Get to know the incredible power of our brain. Practice how to gain more presence and make better decisions. Think more clearly and be less worried.

Your benefits

Evident and measurable success.

01 |

02 |

03 |

04 |

Increased resilience through conscious and more efficient use of personal resources

Increased social awareness and empathic abilities

Deeper understanding of how challenges become opportunities

05 |

Enhancement of mental performance

Ability to remain calm and rational under extreme stress conditions

Customer opinions

The programme was after 11 years within the firm the first one making me to really reflect on my own leadership style. It changed my perspective that I am part of the problem and blaming others is not a solution.


Our Leadership Catalysts

Some of our Leadership Catalysts in action in Dubai, July 2019.



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