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Those who lead need space, time and good dialogues.

Leadership competence means communication

Where organisations change, the framework conditions for communication also change. 

Our “BreakThrough Conversation“ leadership programme offers you numerous impulses as well as goal-oriented, practical and theoretical methods to build your communication skills - especially when every second counts.

Workshop 02 | BreakThrough Feedback

How often do we try to avoid critical feedback discussions? In our workshop, “BreakThrough Feedback“, we focus on the topic of feedback in the agile working world and enable you to conduct productive and appreciative feedback discussions in order to achieve better work results.

Workshop 01 | The Art and Science of BreakThrough Conversations

The one-day workshop forms the basis of our “BreakThrough Conversations” leadership programme and lays the foundation for managers to communicate properly with their teams.

Workshop 03 | BreakThrough Goal Setting

If no one identifies with targets, they will not be met. In this workshop, we help you develop processes that ensure that everyone pulls together and does not lose sight of individual and corporate goals.

Workshop 04 |

BreakThrough Relationships

Nothing is more underestimated than the ability to listen. An attentive listener manages to gain the trust of his counterpart much faster. In this workshop, we will show you how to turn every conversation into a confidence-building encounter.

Customer opinions

This programme has had the most immediate impact of any training I have ever had. I am encouraged to make this approach part and parcel of both my professional and personal development.


Our leadership catalysts

Some of our leadership catalysts in action in Dubai, July 2019.



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